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Clinical-grade iPSC production and banking service

Clinical Grade iPSC Production and Service
For Regenerative Medicine

I Peace aims to provide clinical grade iPSC production and banking services for individuals.

Significance of storing your iPSCs in advance


Store younger cells

As you grow older the DNA in your cells can be damaged, albeit slightly. Producing iPSCs from cells that have less damage is better suited for future therapeutic applications, making it desirable to make and store cells as early as possible. Consider gifting your children and grandchildren with iPSC banking


Time required for manufacturing and
quality evaluation

It takes time to manufacture iPSCs. Furthermore, in order to ensure that the manufactured iPSCs can be used clinically, it is necessary to evaluate the quality of the generated iPS cells which takes additional time. We at I Peace have successfully shortened production times with a number of innovations, but it still takes time from when the order is received to banking the generated cells.


Prepare for an emergency

There are some applications for injuries and illnesses where a timely treatment is crucial. Considering that the manufacturing and quality evaluation of iPSCs takes time, if the manufacturing process starts after the patient is injured or diagnosed with disease, it is possible that a patient misses the critical time window for a successful transplantation. If your own iPS cells have been generated, evaluated, and stored in advance, you will be able to obtain the required types of cells in the shortest possible time and use them for treatment.


For future clinical applications

Research is currently underway for iPSC-derived cell therapy for various diseases. If you generate and store your own iPSCs in advance, you will be able to timely use them for treatment as treatments are approved.

iPS cells that guarantee high safety and quality

At present, the number of companies and universities that can produce high-quality iPS cells that can actually be used for medical treatment is very limited. I Peace’s cell production facility is a clean room that meets the standards set by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. We have obtained a license from the Kinki Health and Welfare Bureau for manufacturing and processing of specific cells. At I Peace, skilled technicians certified as Clinical Cell Culture Specialist thoroughly manage the iPSC production process and verify the quality of all generated iPSCs. Furthermore, the culture solution used in the iPSC manufacturing process is GMP* grade and does not use any animal-derived components, leading to iPSCs that are high quality and safer for transplantation. I Peace’s proprietary, fully-closed iPSC automated manufacturing system is ideal for mass production and can efficiently produce iPS cells for many individuals. In addition, we have a manual production line, and we have a system that enables flexible iPS cell production as needed.

Abbreviation for Good Manufacturing Practice. It is a guideline to be followed when manufacturing, to guarantee quality and protect consumers from defective products.

Advantages of personal iPSC banking



Use in regenerative medicine



Minimal risk of immune rejection



Drug screening for precision medicine

Application to regenerative medicine and risk of immune rejection
Regenerative medicine is a treatment that restores the function of a part of the body lost to injury or illness. For example, there is a treatment that improves the function of the heart by transplanting cardiomyocyte sheets to patients with heart disease. The ideal form of cell transplantation medicine (regenerative medicine) using iPS cells is autologous — cells created from iPS cells derived from the patient himself — transplantation. Cell transplantation using iPS cells derived from others is accompanied by a risk of immune rejection. Although it is believed that immune rejection is unlikely to occur in iPS cells produced from HLA homozygotes, there is still a chance of immune rejection. There are no cells that match your body better than cells made from your own iPS cells.

Find the right medicine for you
Many drugs used for advanced medical care and those for intractable diseases have different efficacy depending on the patient, and it is important to find the drug dosage or drug cocktail specifically optimized to the patient quickly. By using somatic cells such as nerve cells and cardiomyocytes created from autologous iPSCs, researchers can screen the most effective drug for you from various drugs. Personalized or precision medicine where multiple drugs are tested simultaneously on your own cells to find the best match will be possible in the future. In addition, using iPSCs to accelerate new drug discovery will save many patients suffering from difficult diseases.


Inquiries and Informational Sessions

Reach out to us to explore the benefits of iPSC banking and details about the production process.

Blood collection and virus check

Blood is collected to make iPSCs and test for infections.


We make your iPSCs.

Quality Control

Generated iPSCs are carefully evaluated for quality.


After checking for quality, the iPSCs are frozen and stored in a liquid nitrogen tank.

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