Peace of mind with iPSCs

To create the future where everyone has their own iPSCs

I Peace team members are working hard everyday to build a world where people can enjoy peace of mind and a higher quality of life, where patients do not have to suffer with illness, as soon as possible. The I Peace team has a diverse background, but all share a common value: a high degree of professionalism and a passion for contributing to society.

The businesses of I Peace

Manufacturing team members producing GMP iPSCs in the GMP celll facility in Japan

I Peace’s core business is to develop new biotechnology by combining cell biology, molecular biology, clinical-grade cell manufacturing, and support businesses, research institutions, and everyday people. We achieve this leveraging our diverse skillset that includes continuously engineering and improving automation equipment, actively securing intellectual property, and building partnerships with companies and institutions. We believe that the key to innovation is to cross-polinate experience and knowledge from different backgrounds. As a team, we work hard every day to build a better world.

I Peace's Corporate Culture

1 Flat organizational culture 
2 Mutual trust based on high professionalism      
3 Leadership that nurtures bottom-up management

Born in the Sillicon Valley, I Peace prides itself for its flat organizational culture. The strong leadership of our CEO is geared at drawing out the best of each member’s capability. We are looking for someone who is self-disciplined, eager to learn, and motivated to contributed to the team and the society.

I Peace's corporate culture


Positions available
Current openings are in the following category
● Researcher
● Engineer (hardware, software) 
● Business development (business strategy, financial, sales management, IP management)

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