Our mission is to protect health and support a happier life for each person through iPSC technology


Our mission is to protect health and support a happier life for each person through iPSC technology


Our mission is to protect health and support a happier life for each person through iPSC technology.

A platform linking patients and researchers to dramatically advance research

By democratizing access to iPSC manufacturing, we will build a platform that integrates individuals, research institutions, and healthcare. Together, we will create a world where new therapies and drugs are rapidly developed through connection of all stakeholders. This is the future of I Peace.

For example, pharmaceutical companies and research institutions are conducting research on various diseases, trying to develop new treatments and new drugs. However, progress is limited by the availability of cell samples that can be collected from any one patient. Indeed, a single donor’s cell sample may not be enough for even one study, in one single institute. Thus, it is often not feasible to expand the scope of a study or allow for others around the world to reproduce or advance results. Without renewable sources of accessible patient cell samples, there is a chronic shortage of research materials, which slows research and development efforts. Many of the inquiries received by I Peace express an eagerness and hope to advance research by providing their iPS-cells to research institutions, but find it difficult as a prospective donor to make such a connection with a research institution. We wish to bridge a prospective donor’s goodwill and the needs of research institutions by using I Peace platforms.
Since iPS cells can proliferate indefinitely, a patient’s iPS cells can be grown in large quantities, then differentiated into various cell types. In this case, any cells needed for research could be obtained from a renewable source on demand, such as I Peace, so that research programs are dramatically accelerated.
Similarly, to drive advances in personalized regenerative medicine, I Peace aims to provide donors with accessible and affordable medical-grade personal iPS cells, and with your consent, provide your cells to pharmaceutical companies, research institutions or for joint development programs with I Peace. We believe this partnership, facilitated by I Peace, will accelerate the realization of personalized and autologous transplantation and regenerative medicine for various diseases. We want to build a future that helps patients suffering from these diseases receive new cell-based therapies as soon as possible.

How we're different

Scaling iPSC induction with automation

The Problem:

Production of iPSCs conventionally requires time and effort—making production cost extremely high. Manufacturing a large number of clinical-grade iPSC lines is cost-prohibitive with the conventional methodology so manufacturing personalized iPSCs for individuals at scale is next to impossible.

Our Solution:

I Peace has successfully developed a technology that uses high-level biotechnology to simplify the process of generating iPSCs and automates the preparation process using advanced robotics and fluidics technology. I Peace’s proprietary manufacturing platform enables the fully-automated mass production of discrete iPSCs from multiple donors in a single room. Increasing the available number of clinical-grade iPSC lines allows our customers to take differentiation propensity into account and select the most appropriate iPSC line for their own clinical research, all at significantly reduced cost. All work is done in our GMP grade cell manufacturing facility licensed to manufacture cell products with our innovative technology.

By simultaneously providing multiple discrete iPSCs, I Peace enables research institutions, biotech and pharmaceutical companies to more rapidly and efficiently differentiate iPSCs into appropriate target somatic cells. We believe our advantage significantly accelerates therapeutic discovery and treatment of patients today and in the future.

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