I Peace strives to democratize autologous cell therapy

The world we strive to create

I Peace strives to bring the day when “Autologous cell therapy for everyone” is a reality, not a dream by supporting cell therapy developers and pharmaceutical companies through its proprietary cell manufacturing technology.

Since the world’s first organ transplant in the 1960s, medical transplantation has taken huge steps forward. Yet, we have not been able to fully overcome the issues associated with immune reaction and donor matching. On the other hand, autologous cell therapies can sidestep these issues and problems by using one’s own cells. The application of autologous cell therapy has been limited to the treatment of only a small number of diseases as only a few types of cells can be used for such therapies.

Then there came a game changer in 2006 when Dr. Yamanaka (2012 Nobel Laureate) and his group (including I Peace Founder Dr. Koji Tanabe) successfully manufactured the human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) that can be manufactured from any type of body cell and can transform into any type of cell. In addition, iPSC can multiply indefinitely. By using iPSC, the potential application of cell therapy has been drastically expanded as seen in the number and variety of research and clinical trials in the field of iPSC-derived cell therapy.

I Peace focuses its efforts for the democratization of autologous cell therapies, starting with iPS cell-derived therapies.

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